Reference Sires 2018

The 9 Peaks cowherd has been selected for profitable production on the limited feed resources of public lands grazing. A sound bull that already knows how to travel for feed and water will cover more country, cover more cows and last longer, making you more money in the long term.

2018 Reference Sires

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MAR Innovation 251  AAA #16983331

Innovation has been the most used AI sire in our herd since we used his maternal grandsire Final Answer. Innovation does more things right than any bull in the breed. From growth to docility, to fertility and moderate milk to carcass traits, he does it all. Great feet, and nice udders on his daughters too.

S Chisum 6175   AAA #15511451

We’ve used Chisum and several sons for years. He’s done almost as much for us as Innovation and we think his sons are improving on that. Chisum puts together traits found in few bulls: Growth, $EN , $W, and $B all rank high within the breed.

Benfield Reality 6211  AAA #17065973

This is our second year selling Reality sons. They were well received last year. Reality produces heavy muscled bulls with lower birthweight than his sire. He has moderate milk and mature height EPDs, giving him a $EN index in the top 25% of the breed.

S Chisum 255  AAA #17298481

Chisum 255 has impressed us with the moderation and consistency he throws in his calves. The birthweight is in that just-right zone for use on heifers or cows. His $Weaning index is in the top 15% of the breed. We are looking forward to getting his daughters in production.

Hoover Dam  AAA #16124994

I’ll be honest, I was late using Hoover Dam. I didn’t think much of his pedigree. After seeing his calves and his daughters in production, the proof was in the pudding. We are using this bull heavily now. He lies in the top 20 to 25% of the breed for so many traits. He has great docility, moderate frame, just the right amount of milk, great carcass traits, and has been a great heifer bull. The Hoover Dam calves are vigorous at birth.

S A V Recharge 3436  AAA #17633838

Recharge is a full brother to the S A V Resource bull who produced popular sons in last year’s sale. Recharge improves on his brother’s birthweight. We have calved several Resource daughters on the desert this August and are pleased with their performance.

Connealy Confidence Plus  AAA #17585576

The Confidence Plus calves are very uniform: moderate, long and thick. His combination of birthweight suitable for heifers, and awesome carcass data is hard to find. He is a high docililitybull. His maternal traits, growth as well as moderate mature size genetics puts him in the top 10% of the breed for $Weaning Index.

CTS Remedy 1T01  AAA #17331233

Remedy is billed as a bull that will fix problems. Reports are that they are good footed and good uddered. He’s another of our sires that excels in low birthweight and good ribeye size.