Indicates yearlings which have short videos (more to come). Click on registration number for pedigree and current EPDs. This will take you to the American Angus Association website search page with the bull’s registration number filled out into the search engine. Click on ‘search’ from the AAA page to view current info. To see a list of all available videos click here.

Bull Number Registration Sire Dam’s Sire
 B601 18054790 Cedar Ridge Game Day
  B605 18066159 Net Present Value Lookout
  B610 18054791 Final Answer Contact
 B614 18054794 Net Present Value Big Daddy
 B615 18079369 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B617 18054796 Net Present Value Enhancer
 B624 18066217 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B625 18054800 Bismarck Premium Beef
 B628 18055803 New Day 454 Enhancer
 B629 18071546 Bismarck Game Day
 B631 18055996 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B638 18054805 Grass Master Mytty In Focus
 B641 18066226 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B646 18066223 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B648 18056016 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B650  18055882 Example  Final Answer
 B656 18055949  Grass Master Traveler 2T22
 B658 18055827 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B663 18056001 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B664 18055825 Bismarck Rito 2X15
 B665 18054808 Premium Beef Predestined
 B670 18055888 Final Answer EXT 702
 B671 18055936 Bismarck New Design 1407
 B673 18055875 Final Answer Example
 B678 18066179 Bismarck Final Answer
 B682 18056007 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B683 18055720 Net Present Value Premium Beef
 B686 18055717 Net Present Value Enhancer
 B687 18055944 Grass Master Lassen
 B688 18055791 Bismarck Predestined 5253
 B691 18056021 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B692 18055710 Net Present Value Lookout
 B701 18055831 Bismarck Final Answer
 B702 18055822 Bismarck Rito 2X15
 B705 18055834 Bismarck Final Answer
 B710 18055884 Final Answer EXT 702
 B712 18055991 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B713 18055950 Grass Master Traveler T510
 B718 18055840 Bismarck Final Answer
 B719 18056028 Cedar Ridge Final Answer
 B721 18055929 Bismarck Bextor
 B722 18055792 New Day 454 Rito 1I2
 B723 18055849 Bismarck Obsidian
 B730 18055845 Bismarck Final Answer
 B731 18055830 Bismarck Final Answer
 B732 18055764 New Day 454 Prime Cut
 B733 18055715 Net Present Value Premium Beef
 B737 18056018 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 B738 18055711 Net Present Value Lookout
 B741 18055769 New Day 454 Mytty In Focus
 B742 18055965 Grass Master Power Alliance
 B743 18055797 New Day 454 Example
 B751 18213024 Grass Master Mytty In Focus
 B754 18055779 New Day 454 Power Alliance

FALL 2015

Click the Reg number for EPD and pedigree info. This will open in a new window/tab with the animal reg. number then hit “search” to see each profile. Bulls with a camera icon have an associated video.

Bull Number Registration Sire Dam’s Sire
 B801 18193216 Sitz Dash Final Answer
 B803 18193218 Final Answer Lookout
 B809 18193223 Final Answer Lookout
 B810 18198079 CCA Emblazon 702 Predestined
 B813 18193225 Pardner Lookout
 B817 18193227 Bismarck Final Answer
 B818 18198073 CCA Emblazon 702 Final Answer
 B819 18198089 CCA Emblazon 702 Power Alliance
 B823 18193231 Bismarck Net Present Value
 B825 18200294 Net Return Game Day
 B827 18193234 Net Return High Plains
 B828 18193235 Sitz Dash Rito 1i2
 B834 18198083 CCA Emblazon 702 Final Answer
 B835 18193240 Pardner Rito 6EM6
 B841 18193243 Bismarck Final Answer
 B843 18193245 Pardner Mytty In Focus
 B848 18193249 Pardner Traveler 2T22
 B853 18193252 Sitz Dash Pioneer
 B854 18193253 Net Return Enhancer
 B855 18193254 Pardner Example
 B861 18198102 CCA Emblazon 702 Grid Maker
 B863 18193259 Basin Rainmaker P175 Thunder
 B867 18193261 Net Return Net Present Value
 B871 18193265 Basin Rainmaker P175 Net Present Value
 B874 18193268 Net Return Lookout
 B875 18193269 Pardner Example
 B876 18198084 CCA Emblazon 702 Net Present Value
 B878 18193271 Net Present Value Lookout
 B879 18193272 Net Return Obsidian
 B883 18193276 Pardner Example
 B885 18193278 Pardner Thunder
 B886 18193279 Pardner Band 464
 B887 18193280 Basin Rainmaker P175 Predestined
 B891 18198080 CCA Emblazon 702 Lookout
 B895 18193284 Pardner Power Alliance
 B897 18193286 Basin Rainmaker P175 Thunder
 B899 18198095 CCA Emblazon 702 Predestined
 B900 18193287 Bismarck Final Answer
 B903 18198096 CCA Emblazon 702 New Design 1407
 B906 18200993 Bismarck Final Answer
 B909 18198098 CCA Emblazon 702 New Design 1407
 B911 18198088 CCA Emblazon 702 Predestined
 B913 18193294 Net Return High Plains
 B915 18193296 Pardner Bextor
 B925 18193304 Net Return Premium Beef
 B926 18193305 Pardner Lookout