Reference Sires 2015 Sale

The 9 Peaks cowherd has been selected for profitable production on the limited feed resources of public lands grazing. A sound bull that already knows how to travel for feed and water will cover more country, cover more cows and last longer, making you more money in the long term.

2015 Reference Sires

Click the Reg number for EPD and pedigree info. This will open in a new window/tab with the animal reg. number then hit “search” to see each profile.

Cole_Creek_Cedar_Ridge_1V_copyCole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V (16134394) Bet the ranch calving ease, good feet, small mature size and a top 10% $W. There’s a place for these cattle in tough environments like ours.

SAV_Bismarck_5682_MATURE_copyS A V Bismarck 5682 (15109865) One of the most complete AI sires to come along for awhile. Bismarck lies in the top 10% of the breed for calving ease, heifer pregnancy, ribeye area, and $W. His daughters are have moderate milk and frame size.

CCA_Emblazon_702_copyCCA Emblazon 702 (15980098) Here’s a calving ease bull with plenty of growth. He’ll also moderate mature size and milk in his daughters. The sons of this bull have sold extremely well for Spring Cove in Idaho.

Sitz_Dash_10277_Accel11_no_logo_copySitz Dash 10277 (15656868) Dash lies in the top 10% of the breed for calving ease, heifer pregnancy, $En, $W, and ribeye area. His daugters have a smaller mature size with moderate milk.

MF_NET_RETURN_8197_Accel_copyMF Net Return 8197 (16036822) Net Return is a brother to Net Worth but exhibits less frame size and growth. He’s a good all round bull and you’ll like the looks of his sons.

Basin_Rainmaker_P175_ABS10Basin Rainmaker P175 (14724271) This bull passes on a little more growth than our other sires. Improves marbling, moderates milk and lies in the top 15% for $B.

B_R_New_Day_454_new2013B/R New Day 454 (14675445) New Day is a good all round bull. We love his daughters. He’s a breed leader for docility and ribeye area, he moderates mature size and milk, has good growth, and is high for both $W and $B.

9_Peaks_Pardner_Z508_copy9 Peaks Pardner Z508 (17535145) Pardner was our top selling bull two years ago, selling to long time customers Pete Bussman and Bill Barboni. We used him across the board with good results as his was the top gaining sire group this summer. His calving ease lies in the top 10% and his growth numbers are headed up. His sons show the soggy body type that he exhibits.

Reference Sire E: Sinclair Net Present Value reg. 14311951Sinclair_Net_Present_Value

We have gone back to using this bull based on how his daughters performed. Back in the fall of 2010, we calved out our first set of two year olds on the Derrick Ranch near Fort Rock. While calving, the heifers grazed dry native rangeland with the mature cows. Many of the first calf heifers sired by some notable AI bulls failed to breed back. The daughters of Net Present Value bred back and remained in the herd. Net Present Value ranks in the top 1% of the breed for $W, and the top 20% for $EN. Net Present Value sires low birth weight, high marbling cattle with gentle dispositions, especially suitable for grass-fed or Certified Angus Beef branded marketing programs.

Reference Sire A: SAV Final Answer 0035 reg. 13592905SAV FINAL ANSWER 0035

Final Answer is an extremely rare individual combining many diverse and antagonistic traits. He lies in the top 10% of the breed for Calving Ease Direct and Birth Weight, the top 15% for Weaning Weight, , and in the top 20% for Yearling Weight and Calving Ease Maternal. These impressive maternal and production traits are combined with a Mature Daughter Height EPD in the lowest 10% of the breed. This combination of traits ranks him as one of the top bulls in the breed for $W index, and in the top 25% for $EN index.

Reference Sire H: Sinclair Grass Master reg. 16027094Sinclair Grass Master

We used Grass Master to produce bulls to use on mature cows, and whose daughters will be the kind to improve a cowherd. Most popular ‘growth ‘ sires will leave you with oversized cows with oversized appetites- Grass Master provides growth while maintaining the profitability of a low input cowherd.

Reference Sire C: GAR US Premium Beef reg. 14301014GARPB

Premium Beef is one of those bulls that the AI studs don’t find “sexy”…he’s not the highest or most extreme bull in any one area. But the cattle are very profitable, with great carcass traits (Marbling, Ribeye Area and $Beef all rank in the top 20% of the breed). Direct Calving ease is good, and Maternal Calving Ease is even better. Premium Beef daughters usually come back from the desert fat, pregnant, and with a healthy calf at side. These are the kind of cows that make money for commercial cattlemen.