Directions to the Sale

First, don’t rely on your GPS navigator. It will take you down all kinds of inappropriate roads out here!

Tuesday, October 11 at 1 pm

Note: The phone number for sale HQ Best Western Newberry Station in LaPine is incorrectly listed in the catalog. The correct phone number is 541/536-5130 …. (sorry for the inconvenience) Their website is here



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From US-97 north of Lapine, turn East onto OR-31
Go 29.2 miles to Fort Rock Road, the Fort Rock/Christmas Valley turnoff, turn East
Go about 6 miles to Fort Rock.
Continue East. At 6 miles East of Fort Rock, continue EAST at the sweeping 90 degree turn onto Derrick Cave Road. Do NOT go South on the Christmas Valley Highway.
Go 2.2 miles and follow the pavement NORTH along Derrick Cave Road. There is a dirt track through the desert BLM land that appears to be a short cut. You will see a hay pivot and our hay barns about a mile straight ahead. It is a shortcut, if you’re horseback. Otherwise, it’s faster to go around.
Go about a mile, and follow the pavement EAST on Derrick Cave Road.
Go another mile, and continue straight (East) under the power transmission lines, onto Morrison lane. This is a good, two lane graded gravel road. (The paved road leads north to our Derrick ranch.)
Go one mile East on Morrison Lane, and then turn SOUTH on Oil Dri road. (If you are ever turning south on pavement, you are not in the right place!)
Go one mile South on Oil Dri road. Then turn WEST onto a graded gravel (unnamed) public road.
Go about a quarter mile and turn SOUTH on the graded gravel road.
Go about a half mile and proceed onto the Flat Iron Ranch.

From Lakeview/Highway 31
From Paisley, go 47 miles North/West on Highway 31 over Picture Rock Pass
Turn North (right) onto Old Lake Road
Go 4.4 miles on Old Lake Road and turn North (left) onto Oil Dri Road
Go 13.8 miles North on Oil Dri Road, continue through THREE 90-degree turns (first W, go 1.5 miles; then N, go 1.5 mi; then W again)
Turnoff to Flat Iron Ranch is about 1.5 miles W of last 90-degree turn

From Klamath Falls
Go North on Highway 97 45 miles to Silver Lake Road/Klamath Marsh
Turn East (right) onto Silver Lake Road. The name changes to Bear Flat Road with no turn. Go 50 miles to Highway 31 in Silver Lake.
Turn East (right) on Highway 31 and go 11 miles to Old Lake Road.
Turn North (left) onto Old Lake Road and go 4.4 miles to Oil Dri Road. Turn North (left) onto Oil Dri road.
Go 13.8 miles North on Oil Dri Road, continue through THREE 90 degree turns (first W, then N, then W again)