Reference Sires 2016 Sale

The 9 Peaks cowherd has been selected for profitable production on the limited feed resources of public lands grazing. A sound bull that already knows how to travel for feed and water will cover more country, cover more cows and last longer, making you more money in the long term.

2016 Reference Sires

Click the Reg number for EPD and pedigree info. This will open in a new window/tab with the animal reg. number then hit “search” to see each profile.

COLE CREEK CEDAR RIDGE 1V reference sire A AAA reg 16134394

We have used Cedar Ridge for several years now, and we know what his progeny are like: Low birthweight, smaller frame, low input cattle. Daughters have plenty of milk and raise big calves, yet they hold up well and breed back. Cedar Ridge is at the top 1% of the breed for $W index.

SHIEFELBIN EFFECTIVE 61 reference sire B AAA reg 17065105

Effective is a low birthweight bull that does well in a multitude of other traits; moderate milk, high docility and heifer pregnancy especially. He lies in the top 15% of the breed for $EN index and Marbling EPD.

BALDRIDGE OPTIMUM Z045 Reference sire C AAA reg 17349934
Optimum’s EPD profile is very similar to Effective’s, but Optimum also has an exceptional $B index as he is a Chisum son.

PFV INSIGHT 0129 Reference sire D AAA reg 16805884
If you like muscular, thick cattle, check out the Insight sons. Insight is about average in BW but then lies in the top 15% for growth. He makes the maternal grade, too, with a top 5% index for $Weaning.

CONNEALY CAPITALIST 028 Reference sire E AAA reg 16752262
Capitalist sires cattle about like his sire Final Answer, with a little more growth and muscle.

MF NET RETURN 8197 Reference sire F AAA reg 16036822
Net Return is producing some gorgeous females for us. He is not super on any particular EPD, but you’ll want to keep his daughters and granddaughters in your herd.

SITZ DASH 10277 Reference Sire G AAA reg 15658659
Dash is a very complete bull. Low enough BW, moderate milk and growth , top 10% $EN and Ribeye EPD, and top 15% for $Weaning.

CONNEALY THUNDER Reference Sire H reg 15148659
Thunder is another sire that we have used for years and are glad that we have. He’s a low birthweight bull that sires outstanding daughters. Thunder is also known for producing cattle with good feet that stay sound.

BRUIN UPROAR 0070 Reference Sire I AAA reg 16858775
Uproar is about average for Birthweight EPD, but top 10% on growth and $Beef index. He is a high docility sire. Uproar will sire a bit more frame size than the other bulls we have used recently.


sitz-logic-y46SITZ LOGIC Y46 Reference sire J AAA reg 17309718
Logic sires very attractive cattle with lots of growth.

s-chisum-6175_2genexS CHISUM 6175 Reference sire K AAA reg 15511451
Chisum is the total package: he lies in the top 1% of the breed for $Weaning index, and with his high calving ease maternal, high heifer pregnancy, moderate milk and moderate mature size figures he also rates a top 10% for $EN index. In addition to fabulous daughters, his growth and carcass numbers are at the top of the breed. He is in the top 10% of the breed for growth EPDs and Ribeye EPD, and the top 5% for $Beef index.

mar-innovation-251MAR INNOVATION 251 Reference sire L AAA reg 16983331
Innovation does everything right- , and the calves really look the part. All we can say is, come see them!