2019 Sale Report

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Tuesday, October 8 was a great day for a bull sale in Fort Rock, OR. Thirty six buyers from Oregon, Washington and California bought 90 range ready bulls at an average price of $4400.

Eric Duarte sold the bulls on a video presentation, with the bulls on display for viewing at the sale site.

105 Bulls sold for an average of $4400
Top Sellers:
High Selling Spring Bull
Lot 65, 9 Peaks Innovation F65 2/27/18 son MAR Innovation 215 to Bill Barboni, Petaluma CA for $8500
High selling fall bull
Lot 328, 9 Peaks Tahoe F327 8/15/18 son of Tehama Tahoe B767 to Bill Barboni and Peter Bussman of Blue Lake, CA for $8000
Lot 21 9 Peaks Chisum F21 2/19/18 son of S Chisum 255 to Lyndell and Vicki Hobbs of Ellensburg, WA fir $8000
Lot 301 9 Peaks Tahoe F301 8/5/18 son of Tehama Tahoe B767 to Lyndell and Vicki Hobbs for $7500
Lot 345 9 Peaks Charlo F345 8/14/18 son of Coleman Charlo 3212 to Bill Barboni for $7500

Volume buyers were
Roger Porterfield of Dorrris, CA with 10 bulls
Russ Fields of Castro Valley, CA with 8 bulls
Bill Barboni of Petaluma, CA with 7 bulls
John and Patrick O’Keefe of Adel, OR with 6 bulls
Bill Sigman, Sigman Ranch of Prineville, OR with 6 bulls