The Annual First Choice Bull Sale - October 13th, 2015

These are the 2014 Spring Yearlings — 2015 is posted here!

 Indicates yearlings which have short videos (more to come). Click on registration number for pedigree and current EPDs. This will take you to the American Angus Association website search page with the bull’s registration number filled out into the search engine. Click on ‘search’ from the AAA page to view current info. To see a list of all available videos click here.


 A101 17766159 Grass Master Game Day
 A104 17749751 Predestined 5253 Game Day
 A108 17766074 Bismarck New Design 878
 A109 17749755 Net Present Value Big Daddy
 A113 17766076 Thunder Game Day
 A120 17766164 Grass Master Dillon
 A123 17766078 Thunder Game Day
 A126 17749756 Game Day Bubba
 A129 17766077 Thunder Game Day
 A134 17766066 Bismarck Integrity
 A135 17766075 Thunder Game Day
 A136 17881119 Game Day Premium Beef
 A138 17766001 Final Answer Example
 A140 17766082 Thunder Game Day
 A141 17766070 Bismarck Premium Beef
 A142 17766086 Thunder Game Day
 A153 17766023 Game Day Example
 A154 17766058 Bismarck Final Answer
 A158 17766067 Bismarck Predestined
 A160 17766064 Bismarck Tehama Total
 A161 17766056 Bismarck New Day 454
 A165 17758091 Net Present Value Bubba
 A166 17765991 Final Answer Lookout
 A167 17881120 Final Answer Game Day
 A168 17766083 Thunder Game Day
 A174 17766019 Game Day Obsidian
 A177 17766021 Game Day Mytty In Focus
 A178 17766160 Grass Master Lookout
 A184 17766157 Grass Master Traveler 2T22
 A189 17758089 Net Present Value Premium Beef
 A194 17766085 Thunder Game Day
 A195 17766025 Game Day Basin Rainmaker 814Z
 A196 17758083 Premium Beef New Design 1407
 A199 17766024 Game Day New Design 1407
 A204 17766055 Bismarck New Day 454
 A207 17758081 Net Present Value Lookout
 A208 17766161 Grass Master Final Answer
 A210 17766022 Game Day Mytty In Focus
 A213 17766018 Game Day Lookout
 A216 17766163 Grass Master Final Answer
 A217 17766084 Thunder Game Day
 A225 17766052 Bismarck Premium Beef
 A226 17766002 Final Answer EXT 702
 A232 17758024 Lookout Predestined
 A233 17766020 Game Day Obsidian
 A235 17758086 Net Present Value Premium Beef

2014 Fall Yearlings

 A300 17873091 Final Answer Lookout
 A302 17873194 Grass Master Rito 6I6
 A303 17873121 Final Answer Example
 A304 17873181 Bismarck Net Present Value
 A310 17873179 Grass Master Net Present Value
 A311 17872253 Premium Beef Predestined
 A313 17872255 Premium Beef New Design 208
 A315 17878703 Bismarck Traveler 2T22
 A319 17878704 Bismarck Thunder
 A323 17871684 Net Present Value Grid Maker
 A324 17873114 Bismarck Final Answer
 A325 17873120 Bismarck Final Answer
 A330 17873224 Cedar Ridge Lookout
 A331 17871685 Net Present Value Retail Product
 A338 17873137 Bismarck Final Answer
 A341 17873150 Bismarck Finks 5522-6148
 A346 17873119 Final Answer Premium Beef
 A349 17878705 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 A351 17878706 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 A357 17873192 Grass Master New Design 3660
 A362 17876246 Cedar Ridge Predestined
 A371 17873108 Final Answer Power Alliance
 A375 17873221 Cedar Ridge Game Day
 A376 17871686 Net Present Value Final Answer
 A379 17873090 Final Answer Example
 A380 17871687 Net Present Value Retail Product
 A382 17873236 Cedar Ridge Obsidian
 A384 17873079 Bismarck Thunder
 A385 17872252 Premium Beef Mytty In Focus
 A390 17873148 Bismarck High Plains
 A391 17871688 Net Present Value Lookout
 A392 17873175 Grass Master Traveler 2T22
 A396 17871689 Net Present Value Lookout
 A397 17871690 Net Present Value Lookout
 A398 17872254 Premium Beef Predestined
 A401 17873145 Bismarck New Design 3660
 A404 17873107 Final Answer Example
 A406 17873122 Bismarck Final Answer
 A409 17873116 Bismarck ALC Big Eye
 A414 17873136 Bismarck Final Answer
A419 17873134 Final Answer Example
 A429 17873135 Bismarck Final Answer
 A431 17873188 Grass Master Prime Cut
 A434 17873243 Cedar Ridge Predestined
 A437 17871692 Lassen New Design 1407
 A442 17871693 Net Present Value High Plains